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Our history: We are looking back on 20 years of highlights and milestones

trovacerchi | The story

Two friends and a shared passion - this is how the story of felgenoutlet begins in the city of Meissen, Germany, in 2003. With the original intent to finance their studies by selling alloy wheels, Uwe Krause and René Schmidt establish a company called German eTrade GmbH and the brand felgenoutlet. 20 years later, both founders are still leading the company with that very same passion and dedication.

The successful start felgenoutlet made into the world of e-commerce and its establishment as a market leader in the German wheel and tyre business have shown that such commitment is definitely worthwhile. All that helped set the basis for the company’s international appearance with websites such as Trovacerchi in Italy. With their capacity for innovation and visionary thinking, the two owners of the company and their growing team have been able to further develop the business year after year: as of today, almost 100 staff contribute to the success of the company through their commitment and creativity.



The company German eTrade GmbH and its brand felgenoutlet is founded by René Schmidt and Uwe Krause.


With the launch of a website developed in-house, the young, ambitious company soon becomes one of the most successful and popular online shops in the industry.

Our first internet presence in 2009: much has changed since then.


The development of the world's first wheel configurator starts. This unique large-scale project will take four years but the work is worth it.

The large-scale project 3D configurator


The company grows and needs space - 10,000 m² to be precise. This is how our first own logistics centre is established in Meissen. Here is where our huge range of wheels and tyres is stored, assembled according to customers' wishes and subsequently sent out.

A look into the former logistics centre in Meissen


Felgenoutlet is known in the automotive scene. The fan base is growing. It is time for an own fashion label that hits the taste of fashion-conscious, young tuning fans:
We proudly present FLGNTLT.

FLGNTLT - perfect look, unique style and maximum wearing comfort


Here it is: the 3D configurator is ready to be launched. Finally customers can find wheels that are perfectly compatible with their car and can get a picture of what these will look like on their vehicle thanks to a spacial view of the products.

Our 3D configurator offers a realistic, spacial view of the wheels you have selected for your car model. You can instantly see what the product will look like on your vehicle later - try it out now!


Felgenoutlet is moving. Our new headquarter is located in the heart of Dresden Neustadt - enough space for all our creative minds.

Our location in Dresden Neustadt


The felgenoutlet family grows. In order to enter new markets in Europe over the years several localized online shops are launched, such as felgenoutlet.at in Austria, foire-aux-jantes.fr in France and tiendadellantas.es in Spain. An international customer service is established as well giving advice to our customers and answering questions in numerous languages.

Felgenoutlet continues to grow and is available in English, French and Spanish now.


Our Wheel Wizard, which was developed in-house, now makes online purchases easier at felgenoutlet. In only a few steps our customers can find the wheels they are looking for and that are perfectly compatible with their cars.

Our Wheel Wizard guides you to the wheel of your choice in 5 simple steps: fast, uncomplicated and according to your wishes.


New Heights
We look back on an exciting and successful year. We have continued to develop our dealer shop Tiriga in a promising way. In addition, we recorded 2019 as the year with the highest turnover in the company's history up to that point. What we did not know at the time: The following years will even surpass the previous record turnover.

2019 - the strongest year in the company's history in terms of turnover to date


2020 – New, bigger, better: our new wheel configurator
Once again, we managed to complete a project we really cared about. After years of preparation and optimising, we are very proud to be able to offer you an even more pleasant customer experience with our improved new wheel configurator.

The new wheel configurator


It’s time to change the look : the new felgenoutlet logo
In addition to technical improvements, many changes in our shop make the shopping experience even more enjoyable. With the new felgenoutlet logo, our image becomes more modern, innovative and compact.

We introduce a new logo


Pioneer in the rim industry: Our rating platform
We are proud to be the first to introduce a rating platform in the rim industry. Customers can now share their experiences with our products and service with other customers here. This platform of transparency and open feedback helps us to continuously improve on the one hand and on the other hand helps our customers to find the best product for them.

We are proud to be the first to introduce a rating platform in the wheel industry.


Bigger, higher, further: Our new logistics centre in Großschirma.
After almost 20 years, the time has come. We are finally leaving our "birthplace" Meißen and taking the biggest step in the company's history towards the future: we are moving! Our new logistics centre is being built in Großschirma. From now on, our rims and complete wheels will be prepared, packed and shipped in a more modern and efficient way, close to the motorway. From now on, they will reach our customers even faster and more safely.

Our new logistics centre in Grossschirma, Germany


The rim comparison: an innovation in the rim industry
As the first online shop in our industry, we introduce a wishlist with which our customers can compare several rim models based on various criteria such as size, color and price. With this innovative function, we can offer our customers an even more pleasant shopping experience. It has never been so easy to find the perfect rim for your own vehicle!

Our innovation: The rim comparison


20 years of success and innovation
Since its foundation in 2003, Felgenoutlet has established itself as a leading online shop for rims and complete wheels. With groundbreaking innovations such as the world’s first 3D wheel configurator, expert advice and the wishlist, the company has set new standards. We are proud of our team and thank everyone for their tireless work - just like we thank our partners. We look forward to many more years full of passion for rims and tires!

20 years of success and innovation